Meal Plans

Hide Yala has an in house cook quite famous among our regulars, for his Sri Lankan rice and curry. Western dishes can be made on request but we highly recommend that you try Kumara’s take on Sri Lankan cuisine at least once.

There are BBQ facilities at Hide. For guests who book the Bungalow as a whole we recommend that you bring your own provisions and have Kumara prepare your meals according to your preference.

Picnic Lunches and breakfast packs can be arranged for should you require to take on your safari trips or any other excursions.

Safari Trips

Hide Yala has the possibility of arranging your safari tours with experienced drivers should you require. We recommend that you speak to us prior to your arrival, as we could advice you on the best time and other details according to your time of arrival and departure. The park is open to visitors from from 6.00 Am to 6.00 Pm Usually (with slight changes during some months of the year owing to the drought) and it is advisable that you either go in the early hours of the morning or late in the evening.

Should you require more information on safaris, speak to us.

Cycle & walking tours

Hide Yala is surrounded by Paddy fields and village life. Visit the nearby Chena and have a piece of their juicy home grown watermelons and indulge in a cup of their best ginger tea with Hkuru. ‘ A local sugar candy made with kithul treacle’ .

There are three rivers / tanks in the vicinity that you can cycle or walk  to, which offer splendid views of wild life and bird life in the area, and is perfect to visit on a breezy evening with our trusted , budding naturalist..

Bird Watching

Hide Yala is surrounded by amazing bird life. We have thus far spotted the following rare bird life in and around Hide Yala, Painted Stork, Black-Winged Kite, Ceylon Jungle fowl, Common Kingfisher, Peacock, Green Bee Eater, Chestnut Bee Eater, Common Hoope and many more. So grab a chair and relax on our vast lawns and sitting areas if you don’t feel like heading out, as theres much to enjoy from right within our premises.

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