We at Hide Yala believe that you need to fully immerse yourself in nature to be able to appreciate the splendor of the wild life and simple village living. The property has all the comforts of modern day living in its humble setting.

We cater to the stereo typical wild life enthusiast who prefer the Bungalow concept, and we have weaved ourselves around this and offered you something uniquely different. Hide Yala offers two types of accommodation. Chalets and the dormitory, which can be booked together for larger groups and separately in the case of a smaller more intimate group. Ideal for couples or smaller families.

Hide Yala is also an excvellent place to explore Southern Sri Lanka from as it’s an affordable accommodation option for a few days. We also offer Backpacker accommodation in our dormitory.

We also have an expansive garden, very popular with are visitors for that occasional game of cricket and bonfire. Hide Yala is built on 2 Acres of land and we hope to cultivate the land with vegetables and fruits native to the areas in the months to come.

We hail from a family of wild life enthusiast and Hide Yala is a childhood dream come true. It gives us great pleasure to share this pet project of ours with a wider audience of people with similar interests.

We have met quite a few interesting travelers with a mutual interest in the things we love about this area, and it humbles us to know that our property is appreciated and well loved by people who have a keen interest towards conservation and protection of these beautiful animals, culture and humble unpolluted simple settings of these areas of Sri Lanka.

Although we operate from the capital of the country, each guest receives a personalized service and we our passionate about providing you with an all-encompassing experience.

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